Image of Western Corners LP (Numbered - Limited of 50 CD)

Western Corners LP (Numbered - Limited of 50 CD)

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We released Western Corners digitally originally as we couldn't really find a home to release it 'commercially'. We always, on every release put loads of effort into packaging our music but with 'Western Corners' we believed the game had changed. Who still wants a CD? Do people actually read our lyric sheets? Turns out people do! We've been asked enough times to warrant us actually producing a very limited run.

So We set about making a completely DIY release. Each cd is hand stamp numbered and stenciled, comes with a lyric sheet (designed by us) and vinyl look cd. Rest assured every penny you put in goes back into our band. We couldn't have even recorded this album without the generosity of the people who've bought our past releases and promoters who pay us to play live gigs. We collected all this money together which paid a large chunk of our recording costs at DUBREK in Derby. It was an incredible 2 days tracking these songs. We are really proud of this album. So here we are. Western Corners cd, limited of 50 copies.

1. New Censors 04:21
2. Santa Muerte 03:37
3. Corsairs 02:21
4. The Lenox Globe 03:24
5. No Video 02:47
6. Tourists 02:15
7. Kathy 02:21
8. Channels 02:39
9. Pale Horse 03:53
10. Bridge of Hand 03:44

All songs written by New Alaska
Recorded June 2015 by Jay Dean at Dubrek Studios, Derby.
Mastered by John Mcbain at JPM Mastering

Design: Pete Stanley
Photography: Rich Lambert